How to create your own miracles

Creating your own miracles

As you know, the purpose of this website is to discuss, and teach everything about miracles. Everyday occurrences which defy what was deemed “possible.” Miracles happen everywhere. They can only be perceived by an open-mind, which is open to the daily happenings of miracles.

Not everyone can see these miracles. And even when they live them or witness one right in front of them, not everyone can see them as the miracles they are. So many people witness one right in front of them, happening to their peer. These close-minded people often rebuke the miracle as mere luck, or a coincidence.

Sadly, these people will never see miracles in their own lives. Their mindset and actions communicate scarcity and negativity to the universe. Who will never manifest miracles in their lives. The mindset you adapt and the action you carry have a massive effect on what you transmit to the universe. Scarcity, or abundance? Opportunity or continuity? Whatever mindset you have adapted, is what the universe will manifest for you.

Before moving on, let’s get on the same page regarding the definition of “miracle.” A miracle is an event or happening which was deemed highly improbable or straight impossible. Similar to when you run into the exact right person when you are going through a tough time in your life. Make sense?

The universe manifests your thoughts. This is the law of attraction, and being open to it will make it so many little miracles take place in your life daily. The right thoughts, with the right beliefs and the right action will make your life a miraculous one. It is up to you whether you tell the universe you want miracles or fallings in your life.

Using the law of attraction to create miracles

We just mentioned the fact that your thoughts and mindset influence your life. We covered the fact that the universe manifests them, creating miracles or average events.

To create miracles in your life with the law of attraction, you need to adapt a mindset which is open to the possibility of these miracles. You need to believe that miracles can happen. How do you do this?

Change your perspective.

Instead of regarding highly unlikely events in your life, shift your perspective to that of “it was a miracle.” See the difference? This opens your mind to the possibility of miracles in life. Since they already happened to you, why wouldn’t they happen again?

This mindset of possibility and open mindedness is the first step to manifesting miracles. After you have opened your mind up to the possibilities, you must make a conscious change to your thoughts. You need to hope for miracles. (learn everything about the power of hope.)

You must communicate to the universe that you can see the miracles coming. Remember hope is the wish, or expectation that something will happen. Hope for miracles. Shift your entire thought process to expect miracles in life.

Being diligent in this practice will take you far. You now have a mindset of openness to the possibility of miracles, and a thought process which hopes for them. The final step to manifest your very own miracles? Consciously thought about what you want to manifest.

Miracles are real

Make sure to follow the rules of manifestation for these thoughts:

  1. Think in present terms:
    Do not think “I will get the job.” Think instead: “I have the job.” The universe does not follow time as we do. Thinking “I will” transforms the thought into a future one. Meaning the universe will always have it in your future.
  2. Think absolute and specific terms:
    Do not think “I make a lot of money.” The universe’s definition to a lot might be different to yours. If you think: “I make $120,000 a year.” You have given the universe a specific sum to work with.
  3. Miracles might come in the form of opportunity:
    For better or worse, the miracles we manifest do not work in the way of an immediate raise. If you think “I make $120,000 a year” you won’t just get a call tomorrow from your boss telling you he’s decided to give you a raise. The universe will send you opportunities to earn this salary. This way when you manifest the $120,000 a year, you will be ready to handle them.
  4. Sometimes the universe has something even better in store:
    The universe works in mysterious ways. Some of which are impossible to comprehend for us. Sometimes a very specific thought will not be manifested. The universe will always provide you with what is best for you.

Remember these rules, they will help you whenever the going gets rough.

To end. Always have an open mindset. Continually and consciously think of miracles you want to manifest. And always be hopeful. Let the universe know that you not only believe, but also expect those miracles in your life.


And above all. Be grateful.